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Twelve Talks to
Have With Teens

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What is Twelve Talks? 

Jefferson County data shows that many of our teens don’t have an adult to go to when they need to talk. The Twelve Talks website, www.twelvetalks.com, offers parents and caregivers key facts, local data, conversation starters and local resources. 

Each talk is about a topic that local teens, in extensive focus groups and town halls, have told us that Jefferson County adults seem hesitant to discuss. The featured topics include: Marijuana, Alcohol, Vape & Tobacco, Prescription Drugs, Dating, Sex & Consent, Mental Health, Hopefulness & Coping, Boundaries, Friends, Identity and Sources of Strength.

Starting September 2019, Twelve Talks to Have With Teens will feature one of these topics each month. We hope adults in our county with a teen in their life utilizes this resource as conversation starters to talk each month. Your organization can help spread Twelve Talks to Have With Teens to parents, caregivers and trusted adults.

Promotion Partners

  • Using an online toolkit that includes articles, posts and graphics, Jefferson County Promotion Partners commit to helping spread Twelve Talks to Have With Teens to parents and caregivers in one or more of the following ways:

    • Printed newsletter: Include one of the twelve provided articles and, optionally, a graphic with each article, in your printed newsletter each month.

    • Email: Include one of the twelve provided articles or links and, optionally, a graphic related to each topic, in your organization's email or electronic newsletter each month.

    • Facebook: Either repost the Jefferson County Public Health Twelve Talks to Have With Teens Facebook post about the featured talk (posted on or just before the 1st of the month by Jefferson County Public Health) or post your own using the toolkit.

    • Other social media: Post on your organization’s Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or other social media account.

    • A featured article on your website: Add our featured monthly article and graphic to your organization’s web page, updated monthly.


  • Tabling at your event: If your organization has an event, our Twelve Talks to Have With Teens team can bring an interactive display, swag items and information related to that month’s featured topic. 

  • Invite us to do a 10-minute presentation to a group: If your organization or parent/caregiver group would like a quick overview of Twelve Talks to Have With Teens, we can visit during an already scheduled meeting.

How to Become a Twelve Talks to Have With Teens Promotion Partner

Promotion Partners commit to:​

  • Promoting information about the featured talk each month.

  • Periodically completing brief evaluation surveys sent by Communities That Care staff on the number of subscribers or copies you distribute for use in grant reporting. 

  • Optionally, hosting a table or presentation.

  • Allowing the organization’s name and/or logo to be used by Twelve Talks to Have With Teens when listing partners.

Please contact us to become a promotion partner.

Pamela Gould

Communities That Care Coordinator